8 Epic Sites You Can Straight Up Jam On

1. Tony-B.orgĀ 

This virtual DAW is all kinds of fun. You can start making a beat in seconds, and you can use your keyboard to press all the buttons. There is nothing super special about the beat making machine, but it is cool nonetheless. You can also download the app via Google Play as an Android app.

tony b machine

2. ButtonBass.com “Piano Page”

You can easily spend a lot of time jamming on this site. It has tons of instruments to play.


3. Qwerty Beats

It’s called qwerty beats, so you can already guess what it’s going to be. You can jam away using your keyboard with pre-selected sounds. You can jam pretty nice with this “virtual daw”.

qwerty beats

4. “Project Two”

This project from a UCLA student is short and sweet, but as an added bonus it can teach you a bit about mixing levels.

project 2

5. Soundnation Studio

A sickly designed online DAW in terms of user interface. It’s pretty damn easy to throw something down and jam here!

mini daw

6. In B Flat

An awesome and mind boggling site that sounds good no matter how or when you start the various videos.

in b flat

7. Berm Piano Chords

This one is a little more educational than the other listings in this article. You can learn the piano chords and play a real virtual piano using numbers and letters on the keyboard.

learn piano chords

8. Monkey Machine

Free online drum machine, nice rhythms.

monkey machinej

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