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Ableton Live templates can provide you with an outline and blueprint where you will be left with a starting point that many people find hard to come up with. There are all sorts of different templates out there for Ableton, like full track structures, master chains and more. This page will be dedicated to Ableton Live 9 Templates. Some of these resources will cost money, some of them will be free Ableton templates. Where there is an affiliate link present, we receive commission for any sales made through our site.

Scroll to the bottom for an updated list of free Ableton 9 templates and project files.

1. Loopmasters

: Tons of very high quality Ableton templates made by various pro producers.

2. Ableton Share: This site is reall awesome because it allows users to sign up and swap or share their Ableton Live projects. This is a really cool collaborative idea and the site seems to be growing nicely in size. You can download some free Ableton Live templates as soon as you join the free membership. There is a massive collection of free clips and projects to download already, and you can add to the main pool to keep things growing very easily. All in all, Ableton Share is a very good idea and a site that every Ableton user should check out.

ableton templates

3. Abletunes: This is a pretty well known Ableton Live template site. They have really affordable pricing and a quality product. You might even be able to score a free Ableton Live template or two from There are several different sub-genres to choose from such as electro house, dubstep and progressive house. Abletunes is one of the most respected names when it comes to quickly learning Ableton through the use of templates.


4. : These guys have a ton of different templates in the following genres:

Along with the unique Ableton Live 9 templates, they offer services like mixing and mastering among other things. There are lots of new templates released every few weeks so they are definitely on point with keeping up with the current trends.


5. Beat Elite: Beat Elite features some pretty high quality Ableton templates. All in they only have about 10 different projects right now, but what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality. That being said, they are worth checking out along with the others on this “Best Ableton templates” list.

6. Ableton Live Techs: ALT is a company that offers several different services and products based around Ableton and producing. Along with their mastering services, they offer Sylenth sound banks, clips and project files for Ableton Live 9. The quality definitely seems to be there, so it is worth checking out.

Templates should really only be used as a learning device and/or as a song starter. The more you play around with things, add to them, or spice them up, the better off you will be as a growing music producer. Let us know in the comments section if you know any other great resources, free or paid, where producers can download Ableton Live projects and template files.

Learning from other producers with more experience is key to your progress. One of the easiest ways is to look at their finished project files. I’ll keep a running tally of the decent ones on this page.

Ableton 9 Free Templates and Projects


I’ll update this when I come across more worthwhile items, or let me know if you’ve made one.

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  1. Definitely don’t have to be a noob to use these! Sometimes it is good just to get inside another producer’s mind and see exactly what they were thinking.

  2. I didn’t know there were so many companies like this, I only had ever heard of Abletunes. I’lll have to take a closer look because I for one love using other people’s ableton templates to cut down my music production learning curves. Anyone else in the same boat?

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