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LearnProducing has the goal and pleasure of being the most organized and helpful resource site for music producers and musicians all over the world. Our founder Kyle “Kye” Healey, believes everyone in the world has the ability to make music, if they only tried.

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Are you are a music producer, VST maker, sample seller, DJ or studio? How about any type of musician? If so, you can feel free to add a page (even if it’s self promotional), as long as it’s high quality and unique. For instance, if you own 5 VST’s and 10 sample packs, you may send me 15 different posts on each topic. High-Quality, unique and original content is preferred and guarantees approval.

If you would like me to review your VST or Sample Pack on video on my YouTube channel, please send me a complimentary copy and I will do so. To maintain transparency, I will (and should you link back to the review, should too) mention that I was provided a review copy.

I do not write text reviews anymore, but you can write your own tutorials, guides or walk-throughs of your own product and will post them on the site.  I am always happy to do a video review, as that won’t take me away from Ableton and this hobby that we all love.

All posts and reviews will get promoted to our Twitter account which has grown near 15,000 users as of mid-2016. The brand new Youtube account will give another avenue of promotion for your company.

I will not turn down your article because it’s promotional or has links back to your site. That’s totally cool, I just want to see what you have created and share it with the people here.

Note that any content put on our site falls under a CC-BY license, meaning other people will redistribute it with credit back to and yourself, if it’s good enough

Your post will fit into the normal organization of this website, as well as being featured on the homepage if the category you choose is a blog post category.

E-mail Kyle directly at with your idea, or even better, content ready to go.

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