Best Distortion VST Plugins

Here is a look at the most popular distortion plugins that are compatible with almost all DAW’s. Note that this page contains affiliate links that can generate profit for this website and it’s owner. Affiliate links do not cost the buyer any extra money, but we thank you for using them to support this  free site.

Ohmicide: Melohman

Self described as a “Sound killer”, Melohman takes distortion to new levels.


Multi-Band distortion and tone shaper from the great crew at FX Expansion.


If you have ever used the synth “Phoscyon”, you will have gotten a preview of this powerful distortion VST. It comes from the D16 audio camp.

Manny Marroquin Distortion

One of the more unique and dirty distortion VST’s out there. Definitely worth checking out.

Fab Filter Saturn

IWidely regarded as one of the top distortion and saturation plugins. Get the warm sound of amps, tubes, etc.

Sonitex STX-1260

Here is a really great distortion plugin that is one of the lower priced on this list.

Trash 2

What can you say about Izotope? Their plugins are always of the highest quality, and Trash 2 is no different. Many consider it the very best distortion VST available.

RP Distort

RP Distort is a great plugin for an affordable price. This is more than just a distortion VST, it also provides widening and analog modeled filters.


If you are looking for vintage tube distortion at it’s finest, take a hard look at the Redopter VST.


I’ll keep this list updated with the newest distortion plugins. If you want to help out and inform me of a great new release or a missing VST, use the comments section below.


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  1. There are a few I could add to this list. Firstly Saturn is lovely, the Fabfilter crowd make some of the best plugins I’ve ever used, and I have quite a few of theirs which I use in the studio. Saturn goes from heavy distortion to a very sweet valve saturation for warming things up. The others I use are the soundtoys ones (Decapitator and Radiator), and they sound good , but I have to say I prefer Saturn for sheer versatility and sound quality for the more subtle sounds.

    Trash 2 is badass, and has some really interesting and excellent sounds, ranging from extreme to subtle.

    Some other ones I like are Twintube from SPL which allows you to add differing amounts of even and odd harmonics and choose the frequency range to distort. It’s a very versatile plugin. But for sheer amazing sound quality, one very strange little plugin I’ve discovered by Tritone Digital, just blows me away with it’s sound. It’s not even a distortion plugin, it’s an EQ plugin called Valvetone 62. It has 4 settings of drive and a bass and treble control. This thing warms things up like nothing else I’ve ever heard, subtle and beautiful sound. Must be one of the best kept secrets in the plugin world. It does something magic to guitars, drums, and vocals. I’m not sure how it does it, but this has to be my favourite “warmer” plugin, as it doesn’t really distort. Another one which is quirky and fun is Kilohearts faturator, which I just got for $19 a week ago and it does fuzz and distortion quite well, and kicks the ass of some far more expensive distortion plugins in terms of versatility.
    That’s about it for now.

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