Best Glitch VST Plugins For Music Producers

Lets take a look at the top glitch/slice VST plugins out there on the market today. In this list we will compare both free glitch VST’s as well as paid glitch VST’s. Sometimes in this business you get what you pay for, while other times the free plugins are even better than their paid counterparts. That means it pays to compare them all. With no further ado, here are the top music producer VST glitch plugins.

Image-Line Gross Beat ($99): This nifty VST Plugin does wonders to any audio sample you run it through. It has many main categories and tons of settings/presets within each category. You also have full creative control and can start from scratch, moving the Gross Beat’s parameters around until you hit that glitch sound you’re looking for. Image-Line’s Gross Beat VST can deal with just about any instrument as well as glitched out vocals.


Destroy FX Collection (Free): The Destroy FX Collection contains several free VST plugins that can help you distort, glitch and slice up your audio samples to add flair and creativity to your productions. The collection consists of the DFX Geometer, DFX Scrubby, DFX Override, DFX Transverb, DFX Synth, Skidder, and more. While they all do very different things, they are all concentrated and focused on glitching your samples. Click the subtitle of this paragraph for the full list of VST plugins in the Destroy FX collection along with their free downloads. Here is a look at their extremely popular “Buffer Override”.


(Glitch 2 (Formerly Dblue Glitch) $59.95): This used to be a free plugin, but with the announcement of Glitch 2, now only the demo is free. It is a new and improved version, and works great. Dblue glitch has been a staple in many producers DAW’s for years for glitch moves, and although it didn’t spice things up as much as Gross Beat for example, the new version Glitch 2 has definitely come a long way. They provide us a nice audio demo of their new chops.


Audio Damage Replicant ($49): At $49, this plugin is really one heck of a steal. It’s deep and a bit out there, but once you try it you will be hooked and trying to find ways to put it into your songs at every chance possible. This beat slicer/glitcher is all about twisting your sounds in many different ways. There are several sections to this great plug-in including a looper, motion, filter, levels and opportunity tabs. Each one allow you to twist the audio or filters in different ways. Check the link on the sub-title for full specs and purchase page.


Sugarbytes Effectrix ($129): Sugarbytes brings us this highly recommended glitch VST called effectrix. From the name you can already guess that it is all about twisting and morphing your music using cool and unusual effects. There are a total of 14 different cool effects along with a 32 step sequencer, 2 mod-wheels and 12 different sub patterns. Effectrix is also great if you like to add some scratching noises into your productions.

There you have it folks – a look at all of the world class glitch VST plug-ins you have at your disposal as a music producer, both free and paid. Remember you don’t necessarily need all of them – choose one or two and then learn them inside and out, and your skills will be far better than just barely learning a handful of them. Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed any potential candidates or drop a review of one of the plug-ins that we did mention!


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