CC by SA Royalty-Free Samples

This page serves as a list of samples you can freely use, even for a commercial purpose, as long as you follow the user’s license. The sounds in this section are CC by SA 3.0 or 4.0, meaning you can use them in any way you please, however, must give credit and pass along the same license to others.

That means you have to give me credit, and then whoever you give it to or sell it to has to give you credit, etc. Disclaimer that I’m not a lawyer, but that is the understanding in the CC community.

You can still charge for your finished product, but their names need to be in the credits for example. Please also attribute Kyle Healey for the curation.

Christmas Spoken Words

All the songs on my Soundcloud are also free to chop up, remix, sell, or do whatever. Just please credit my name and link back to my Soundcloud or this site

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