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free drum samples

Drums are the backbone and rhythm of most kinds of music, and as producers, selecting or creating the best drum samples possible is paramount for your success. I have compiled a resource list that contains some of the best free drum samples out there, released by both individual talented artists as well as loops and music companies. There are affiliate links on this page which give comission payments. Obviously there are many more sample packs out there that cost money, however, this list is just for totally free drum kits for producers.

Note: I highly suggest Loopmasters Drum Samples . They offer many free samples on each of their paid packs, which are epic too.

List of Free Drum Kits and Drum Samples

Here is the list of free EDM drums, hip hop drums, and any other genre drums, as long as they are high-quality and free to use for producers. The list will primarily focus on edm free drum kits and samples, due to the fact that a large majority of computer and bedroom producers are exclusively making electronic dance music. We’ll also touch on other specialty drums, such as free acoustic drum samples, specific drum models and of course modern club big room kicks. It took a lot of sifting through the less current and lower quality drum samples to find these gems – so enjoy!

  Wave Alchemy Freefree drum samples Samples: These 100% royalty free samples have the same production quality as the commercial sample packs released by Wave Alchemy, at least according to their website. These are some solid and more recent samples, and they add new packages to the page once in a while.There are some 606 Drums, DRM Drums, club kicks and more.

 Producers Spot: These high quality drum samples from the Producer’s Spot blog are pretty good. The zip comes with “24MB filled with 60 claps, 11 crashes, 60 hi hats, 90 kicks, 50 percussion and 84 snare samples.”. Please note that they require you to “like” their Facebook page before downloading the free pack.

 Stay On Beat Drum Samples: Stay On Beat is a cool site for music producers, though they don’t update as often as we’d like to see. Here we have 14 loops specifically made for EDM, drum loops that can be easily placed into new or current projects.

Sample Swap: This site is definitely not limited to only drum samples, however, they have plenty of 100% free drum samples for producers, made by producers. You can sign-up in under a minute and start swapping drums, kits, synths or any other sound you can make with a DAW.

Send Us Your Free Drum Samples!

I”ll keep this list of free drum loops for music producers updated often, and if you have any resource that I’ve missed, leave it in the comments. I will check back often and update the list, maintaining a list of the current best drum samples online for free. Of course, if you are a loyal reader of and have made them yourself, I am much more likely to put the listing up. I always appreciate it when a reader steps up and sends me some handmade samples, drums or not. Not only does that show confidence and hard work, it also adds value to the community by letting other producer’s access your samples. We have plenty of tutorials on the site on how to make various styles of drums, such as this glitch hop drums tutorial.

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