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Here is the master list of guitar training, books and courses. Using one or many of these guides, you will drastically cut down the learning curve of playing the guitar. Regardless of the skill you are trying to learn in life, it will take a lot longer if you don’t have expert training. The new trend is not to hire a personal guitar teacher, it is to teach yourself on your own time schedule or through online coaching. All of the below options have different specialties and unique benefits. Therefore it is worth taking half an hour or so, opening all the new sites (they do so in a new window), and viewing some of the more detailed features of each. Some even offer cheap or free trials.

1. Jamorama

Thousands upon thousands of guitarists learned the trade with Jamorama. They are well known as one of the leaders in online guitar training, and offer a full money back guarantee.

Freebie from Jamorama

Even though this is a paid course, they offer the following for free simply for your e-mail address!

  • 7 Fundamental strumming patterns
  • 14 Beginner Chords video series
  • 3 Skills Videos

jamorama review

2. Tony Grey Bass Academy

If you are into the bass guitar instead, Tony Grey’s academy is the way to go.

This is one of best coaching and courses for the bass guitar ever created. There are over 200 downloads, videos and courses available at the academy.

– Learn bass from your own home, at your own time – World class instructor – Personal and group support – much, much more.

tony grey bass

3. Guitar Hotshot

Download over 40 hours of intense guitar training videos, some really great stuff. Since they are with the CB network, you can get a refund if you are not happy, no questions asked.

This product is not as popular as the other ones on the list, but it is also newer.

It is definitely worth taking a look, as Guitar Hotshot has instant online access.

guitar hotshot

4. Play Worship Guitar

Finally you can play worship guitar songs quickly and easily. This program is known as the top Christian guitar training series online, and it has stellar reviews. You can actually get started for only $1, and it has a 60 day money back guarantee.

  • Start with a $1 trial
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Step-By-Step system for Christian artists.

play worship guitar

5. Fast Finger Freddy

Fast Finger Freddy’s course is a newcomer on the block and looks really good. It is definitely a guitar training course worth checking out. – HD Video Lessons in the hundreds – Ongoing lessons, new ones added weekly – Great for beginners or advanced guitar players. fast finger freddy

6. RiffMaster Pro

Not exactly a guitar training course, Riffmaster Pro is a software. It allows you to slow down any guitar riff while still maintaining pitch. Useful for many applications including EDM production.

7. Justin Guitar

This guy has tons of great guitar lessons on his site, and it has been around for years. I will keep this page updated with the latest online guitar courses. If you are an owner of such product, feel free to contact me to discuss placement on this page. The comments section will be reserved for reviews of courses and books already listed, or any other general comments about learning the guitar.

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  1. Definitely a great roundup. I don’t think I’ve heard of #4, but the rest of them can do you no wrong. Learning guitar was the best thing that ever happened to me for a number of reasons. – Tim.

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