Learn How To Play The Didgeridoo

learn how to play the didgeridoo

The didgeridoo is an amazing and unique instrument with a storied history. It has been described as a wooden trumpet, but it is actually a wind instrument. It was originally invented by Indigenous Australians more than 1500 long years ago. According to the wiki entry, it has tons of different nicknames such as the “Drone Pipe”. The instrument is still widely used today and due to the internet it is starting to become more global, instead of just centralizing in Australia. I have done some long research and I’ve listed the top resources on the net about how you can get your own didgeridoo and learn how to play it.

Where To Buy The Didgeridoo


Before you start to learn the thing, you’re going to have to actually have one in your possession. I’ve looked around and there are tons of places to buy the didgeridoo.

Didgeridoos On Amazon

My first choice as usual is Amazon.com. Not only are they the best place for pricing on many world instruments, their shipping speed and prices really can’t be beat as long as you live in certain countries. I am also an affiliate for Amazon, which means I get a small % of sales generated from LearnProducing. I appreciate the support, it keeps the site content and promotions going. Many of the didgeridoo training sites also sell them, so the list will be continued below.

Learning The Didgeridoo

Now we can get into learning the didgeridoo, something that can be done a lot more quickly than you might think – as long as you have good training.

Didgeridoo Breath:

This site seems to have just about everything there is when it comes to didgeridoo. Unlike many of the other resources out there, Didgeridoo Breath focuses mostly on this one instrument. Specialization like that can really set them apart from the pack. They also sell other instruments like tapping sticks, percussions, harmonicas and Native American flutes. Along with selling many different styles and price ranges of didgeridoos, they also sell online courses and do live events, spreading the word and knowledge of this fine instrument as far as they can. Due to their reputation in the industry, they deservedly hold the top spot right now for Didgeridoo training.

Didgeridoo Doojo:

This site focuses mostly on teaching you the didgeridoo, but also have courses on beatboxing. The neat thing about these guys is that they offer you a 30 day e-mail crash course which will take you from beginner or novice to average player in just 30 days. On top of that they offer some paid courses and training as well, of various substance and prices. You’ll learn things like making the drone, rhythm and how to circular breath which is important when learning the didgeridoo.

Wet Didgeridoo

This site is great because their advanced didgeridoo techniques are good for people who already have the basics down. Check out their didgeridoo online school for more info on enrollment and pricing.

learn how to play the didgeridoo

There you have it, our learn the didgeridoo page. I hope that the resources on this page will send you well on your way to mastering this ancient Indigenous Australian instrument. Let us know in the comments section if you have got one yourself. If you have a didgeridoo Soundcloud or Youtube account, please feel free to advertise it below so everyone can check it out. As you know in our growing community, we have a lot of upcoming superstars in every genre. We all fully support each other here at LP, so don’t be shy to put yourself out there.

photo credit: didge via photopin (license)

More Didgeridoo Resources

Learning an instrument never ends, even when you become a teacher – so stay fresh.


Here's a little comparison for you!

Meinl Percussion DDG1-BK Bamboo Didgeridoo - Black

Meinl Percussion DDG1-BK Bamboo Didgeridoo - Black

Toca DIDG-CTS Curved Didgeridoo

Toca DIDG-CTS Curved Didgeridoo


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Buy This Item
  • Made entirely of bamboo, this lightweight didgeridoo from Meinl Percussion swells with...
  • The didgeridoo measures 47" long and features a hand painted dot design that is inspried by...
  • No mouthpiece is necessary to play this instrument, but for more playability, these didgeridoos...
  • Ideal for recreational players, beginners, or for individuals looking to improve upon circular...
  • 50" long Curved Didgeridoo
  • Colorful tribal sun design
  • Hand painted, lightweight and durable synthetic shell
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These Didgeridoos from MEINL are a great way to get started on the oldest wind instrument in the world. The bamboo construction delivers a distinctive, impressive drone with harmonic overtones that allow you to easily achieve the desired native Australian sound. An added bonus of playing this instrument is learning circular breathing, which carries over into other wind instruments and even improves health! No mouthpiece is necessary to play this instrument, but if desired, these didgeridoos are able to securely hold the MEINL Didgeridoo Mouthpiece in place (model number DDG-MP, 100% pure beeswax).

Playing the didgeridoo, may help train muscles of the upper airway and help snoring and its complications according to a February 2006 British Medical Journal. The research showed that those who played the didgeridoo for approximately 25 minutes a day experienced fewer complications of sleep apnea and snoring.

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  • Model: DDG1-BK
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  • MPN: TO804316
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  • Model: DIDG-CTS
  • Part Number: TO804316
Meinl Percussion DDG1-BK Bamboo Didgeridoo - Black
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