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What does a music producer do?

So what exactly is a music producer and what do they do? To the general mass public, this remains a mystery. In reality, the answer is pretty simple. A profesisonal music producer is somebody who gets paid to make music.

They are the ones either making the beats, putting the lyrics to the beats, etc.

They may or may not be involved in the mixing and mastering process, which can be done entirely but audio engineers.

Many music producers are audio engineers and vice versa, and indeed a strong knowledge in both will help you excel as a producer.

Note: There are many millionaire music producers who you have never heard of, who have some of the biggest stars in the world calling them wanting to work. A lot of the times, a music producer is in the background, even though they are an integral part of any “hit”.

What Does a Music Producer Do?

What does a music producer do?

This varies greatly from person to person. Some successful producers got there through their insane talent and technical skills, others from pure hard networking.

In general, a music producer will spend a huge amount of time creating beats from scratch or samples. In some songs, there could be hundreds of different “tracks” and often a music producer has created every single one of them. Each track contains a different instrument.

EDM producers are responsible for every instrument in the song, from synths to bass to drums to effects.

Hip Hop producers tend to ship around their finished beats to artists and rappers, while EDM producers normally have a finished product once their beat is done.

There are some famous producers out there that don’t have any technical chops at all, and act more like a director of an artist in bringing the right people and the right vision to fruition.

Other producers simply make hits all day and all night, and anything they touch turns to gold. Those music producers are known as “Golden Tickets” because nearly any artist they work with is sure to blow up. One such example is Golden Ticket Scott Storch.

How Much Does A Music Producer Make?

This is not a question that can be answered with any accuracy. You can make peanuts or you could make millions of dollars a month.

Your income earning potential has no upper limit, but the vast majority of music producers will stay low on the totem pole for their entire careers.

It is up to you to pull yourself up the totem pole by any means necessary. As you will see later on in this article, there are many different avenues you could take and still make a career out of it.

Can you make a million dollars a year as a music producer? Obviously you can. There are dozens of touring music producers over a wide variety of genres who are currently pulling off that feat.

It’s possible to join their ranks sure, but it will be difficult.

Barring you being a superstar, what are some of the other avenues you can spin your music production skills into a job?

Music Producer Jobs

There are many different jobs an aspiring music producer could go after. Being that making money as an actual music producer is extremely rare, you may want to consider some of the following options.

Note: Jobs in the music industry are typically handed out via referral networks. So get out there and make some contacts.

If you’re going the traditional online search route, you will be better off clicking the ads on the right side of this page and contacting them directly, because there are no related jobs in the actual job board.

Music Production Jobs

That is not only to excel your own progress, but to make some cash. I have a friend who DJ’s and produces and recently got a job at Red Bull Studios.

Just imagine how much better he will get, and how much faster.

Producer Jobs

1. Orchestal Musician

2. Professional Touring DJ

3. Ghost Producer

4. Sample Pack Seller

5. Video Game Music

6. Music Therapist

7. TV/Movie Sound Effects

8. Recording Engineer

9. Session Musician

10. Audio Engineer

11. College Teacher

12. Pop Record creator

13. Songwriter

14. Studio Assistant

15. Studio Director

In Conclusion

Sure, some of the above options might take a bit of imagination or even additional training, but to most music producers that is a cinch.

The vast majority of jobs on the list might be an eye opener for many though, as there are certainly a lot of growing and emerging industries on that list.

The journey as a music producer is largely a personal one, but there are plenty who have walked the path before you, people you can pull experience and advice from.

There are no qualifications needed to become a music producer, and it is nearly impossible to guess at how good you will end up being. With hard work and determination, you could earn an impressive music producer’s salary, no matter which route you decide to go down.

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