Sander Van Doorn Studio Sessions (Full Series)

This is a gem of a web series found on the official Sander Van Doorn YT channel, showcasing him remaking one of his famous tracks, Reach Out. It was chosen because of the fact that many elements of making a track are featured. This is a highly educational series from a true genius music producer.

In part 1 he says things like:

  1. – He uses Vengeance samples
  2. – Keep it easy for DJ’s
  3. – Every song needs it’s own arrangement
  4. – Melody is the only thing he can’t teach

Part 2:


  • Uses a sampled kick drum from a CD.
  • Short kick notes to give room for the bass.
  • Added EQ to boost volume
  • ¬†Overdrive to make it sound louder but not rise on the meter
  • (fake and phat kick)


  • – Pulsing and short
  • – bit of a high cut to make it less present
  • – +compressor, sidechained to kick with small attack (so bassline is there but doesn’t interfere with kick)
  • – Adds rhythm by adding toms (2 notes, can barely here it but adds lots of groove)
  • – Adds distortion to toms to make them more present
  • – Hi hats from vengeance (cut out only some of the hi hats)
  • – Small clap to help groove
  • Simple shaker to add more rhytm
  • changed a straight ride to groovy ride with compression and sidechaining (add tremelo for stereo image too)
  • – Channel eq the percussion so doesnt interfere with bass

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

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