Sound Design Tutorial: Creating Funky Lead Sound w/ Native Instruments Monark Software Synthesizer

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In this tutorial, Dubspot sound design instructor and course designer Evan Sutton (aka Astrolith) demonstrates how to make funky lead sounds using Native Instruments' newest software synthesizer, Monark, which is modeled after the iconic the Minimoog monophonic analog synthesizer.

Native Instruments is well known for making some of the best soft synths around, and the company has had a hand in defining the sound of digital synthesis. They are not strangers to the analog modeling world, however (remember Pro-53?), and are jumping back in head first with their newest offering, Monark. In this tutorial, I will show you some techniques for creating a buttery, funky lead sound using Monark. This is a straight forward synthesizer, so we'll keep it simple with just the right amount of glide, vibrato, and feedback. – Evan Sutton

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