Capital Cities Remix Contest

Capital Cities remix contest is available to all members of Indaba Music. They were a band that originally met on Craigslist, and less than a year later were signed with Capitol Records. Now you can remix “One Minute More”, their new catchy and feel good single. After completing your remix, you need to upload it on the correct page at Indaba. Accounts at are free for 3 contests, then it is $5 a month to participate in  unlimited contests. This is one of the first Indie Pop groups to offer a remix contest in a while, so I felt it was worth posting.

Good To Know

Official Remix Page:

Download Parts: Click here

Artist: Capital Cities

Title: One Minute More

Key: Amaj

BPM: 123

Genre: Indie Pop

Deadline Date: May 15th, 2014


  • $1000
  • Official release on Spotify