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FRESH! WinkSound GlitchPIX – New Max For Live Video Device |

July 23, 2016 Ace Healey 0

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GlitchPIX turns photos into moving visuals that warp, explode in color, and react automatically in realtime to your tracks inside Ableton Live. It is the first Max for Live video device made in collaboration with Adam Rokhsar and WinkSound, and was designed for live performance.

Do you already use VJ software like Resolume, Modul8, VIZZables, or VDMX? GlitchPix features Syphon output, which means you can which means you can send its effects out to your favorite VJ program to take your visuals in a whole new direction.
Download Syphon:

About the developer:
Adam Rokhsar is an artist, psychologist, and teacher with degrees from Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, and New York University. He designs interactive art for corporate clients and artists, including Radiolab and Steven Spielberg.

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