The Best Reverb VST Plugins 2015

Of course most DAW’s come with great Reverb plugins to start. At some point though, you are going to want to step it up and get a professional plugin that was made specifically for Reverb. Note that this page contains affiliate links that can generate profit for this website and it’s owner. Affiliate links do not cost the buyer any extra money, but we thank you for using them to support this  free site. Here are the best reverb plugins for your DAW in 2015,

Renaissance Reverb

A beast from Waves Audio, Renaissance features 12 different reverb types. Definitely one of the go to plugins for many professional producers.

True Verb

Amazing natural sounding reverb spaces, you cannot go wrong with this offering, another one from Waves Audio.

Springage Reverb

Authentic and realistic spring reverb sounds. Brought to you by Over Loud Audio Tools.


5 different and individual convolvers, and a unique effects chain, REmatrix prides itself on making unique reverb sounds that you cannot find elsewhere.


Check out this great offering which offers modern and classic 80’s style reverb sounds.


Sparkverb by UVI offers a fast workflow and great sound. If you have never heard of this plugin, it is worth checking out.


A solid stereo reverb plugin for a very affordable price.

MH Haloverb

IfTons of control and flexibility, use MH Haloverb to add unparalleled ambiance to your tracks.

Acon Digital Verberate

Acon Digital Verberate is a realistic acoustic reverb VST, using algorithmic reberb to achieve this effect.

Convolution Reverb

This is an extremely interesting reverb plugin because it emulates 100’s of famous real venues. You can now have the reverb sounds of Wembley Arena. Grand Ole Opry. Sydney Opera, etc.

Oxford Verb

This plugin from Sonnox is absolutely incredible and high end. One of the very best VST plugins in any category, let alone just the Reverb category.

Ircam Verb

This is the most expensive plugin on the list, clocking in at near $1000. This plugin from FLUX is very high end, so if you have the cash, why not.


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  1. A very intriguing selection of reverbs for the best reverb plugins of 2015…… I run a small studio, where I do commercial mixes for clients and do most of my mixing in the box, so good plugins are essential. I run Pro tools and I’ve also used Logic, Cubase, Sonar and a few other DAWS over the years.

    Really good Reverb plugins are not easy to find, but in saying that there are definitely some great ones out there. I’ve compared reverb plugins with hardware reverbs, and I find that only the convolution reverb plugins have the smoothness and richness of hardware, especially in the reverb tail. As for the algorithmic reverb plugins. very few measure up when compared to a good hardware reverb.

    The two waves ones Trueverb, and Renaissance areok but not great in my opinion and I own them both. Springage is a really nice spring reverb, I’d say one of the best spring plugins out there, I love the sound. It’s kind of a one trick pony, but it does that trick exceptionally well.

    Breverb is so so, I had it when I was using Sonar, and never really took to the sound.
    I haven’t used the other reverbs in the list but I have used others which are great. One I use all the time is the Sorftube Tsar 1 Reverb, it’s very easy to use and has a great sound, for me it sounds better than the waves reverbs. The Lexicon PCM revebs are great as well, very smooth, but somewhat expensive. 2C Audio Aether is one of the best reverb plugins out there, but is expensive and at first looks complicated but sounds amazing. I’ve heard good things about the Sparkverb although I never used it.

    I’ve got a few convolution reverbs like the waves IR1 which sounds amazing, and if you look out for their special deals you can pick one of these up for a modest amount of cash. They let you download about 5GB of impulse responses once you’ve purchased it, those are no extra cost. I’ve used Altiverb as well which is a lovely convolution reverb complete with an amazing array of impulses.

    There are many more, but these are a few of the ones I’m familiar with, hope it helps.

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