Free Tropical House Samples

Here is a list of free Tropical house samples, sound kits and synth sounds. I’ll update this page whenever somebody notifies us of a new offering. Just leave a comment if you have something to add, and it will be added to the post (as long as it’s nice).

1. Tropical One-shot samples, Drums, Midi Files:

This collection of free tropical house samples from IAMM contain the following:

    • One-shot samples (kick, clap, snare, snaps, hats, percussion)
    • MIDI files containing uplifting chords and melodies
    • Tropical House sound presets for Native Instruments Massive

Download: Tropical House Vol. 1 by Iamm Download

Note that for this dl – not a ton to choose from here, it’s a small pack.

2. Skifonix Sounds:

Some OK beginner tropical house sounds here. Decent drums.

Download Skifonix Sounds Free Tropical House Pack 

3. Tropical House Drums & Flute by AronV

Free drum sounds and Flute sounds from AronVMusic. The flute comes in a soundfont version.

Download AronT’s free tropical house drums and flute pack.  (no requirements for this one, cheers AronV)

4. WA Free Tropical House Tools

Free construction kits from WA Production, who make some pretty good sample packs. This free trop house sample pack contains the following:

• 5 Construction Kits (Incl. MIDI)

• 51 Sylenth1 Presets

• 25 MIDI Loops

• 95 Oneshot Samples

• 100% Royalty Free

Download WA Free Tropical House Tools (vol. 1)

*Note that this free tropical house pack requires you to like/follow on WA Production on Soundcloud/Youtube, etc.

5. WA Free Tropical House Drum Samples

The same company also offers a free downloadable Tropical house drum set. It’s not bad. Some might say you can call this a Kygo sample pack, but Kygo is on another level of his own!

Download the 5 Tropical House Construction Kits (requires Soundcloud Follow, YT sub and e-mail)

6. WA Free Tropical House Construction Kits Vol. 2

Here is volume 2 from WA Production, released at a later date. I like the pluck sound in the “China” track. As with all construction kits, you’ll just be listening for that one little sound or accent that you can use in your own production. Or use the main leads for all anyone cares (they don’t). Of course my advice is to always make your own leads and melodies, as your skills get stronger every time.

Download the kits here.  (requires Soundcloud Follow, YT sub and e-mail)


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